Education Freedom

Degrees With High Unemployment Rates: Part 1

Getting your degree is an accomplishment, however unless you have a job lined up already you may be faced without work for a while. Some degrees aren’t as promising in this rapidly changing job market as others. Here are degrees that are increasingly becoming known for their high unemployment rate:…

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E-Textbooks Make College Study Time Much Easier

Now that college is just about in session, its time to start thinking about expenses you’re going to have to cover. One of those expenses being textbooks. There are websites you can use to buy or rent etextbooks. For example, Intel Education Study. This app is downloadable on IPhone, Android…

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Do Tuition-Free Colleges Exist?

College can be a costly investment. Every year, students graduate with a degree in their hand and thousands of dollars of debt on their shoulders. If you’re lucky, your parents prepared a college fund for you. Or, if you’re a whiz in school, and have other extra curricula activities on…

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