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3 Factors That Could Affect Your Car Insurance Rate

Car insurance can vary greatly from company to company. That’s why it’s important to shop around. When looking for coverage for the first time, keep in mind there are certain factors that will affect your coverage. For instance, the kind of car you drive. If you’re driving a really expensive…

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Why Millennials Need To Consider Life Insurance

Many millennials aren’t living the traditional lifestyles other 20 and 20 year old’s have lived in the past. Taking the needed actions to get life insurance is just one of the things many of them aren’t doing. The best time to consider life insurance is when you are still young…

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What You Should Know About Medicare

Medicare is a type of insurance that causes relief for seniors. This is the time of year for open enrollment so it’s time to do some research and sign up for the 2018 plan. Open enrollment starts October 15 and closes December 7. Signing up can be difficult so if…

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3 Ways College Grads Can Get Health Insurance

According to there are three particular ways college grads can get health insurance. Check out the following avenues: Qualify For Medicaid or CHIP: These are discounted products that make a great option for people who aren’t making very much money. Buy a Plan in the Marketplace: This option will…

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