Think You’ve Burned All Your Bridges With Banks? Try These Second Chance Checking Accounts!

If you’ve had rocky relationships with banks in the past, you may want to consider getting a second chance checking account. Just as the name implies, these checking accounts are perfect for when you’ve pretty much burned your bridges with other banks in the past.

These types of checking accounts aren’t easy to find and when you do locate one they usually have higher monthly fees. One of the major national banks that offers second chance checking accounts is Wells Fargo Bank. With their Wells Fargo Opportunity Checking, customers are able to open an account for just $50. Here are other banks that offer second chance checking accounts as well:

  1. Woodforest National Bank – This bank has nearly 800 branches in at least 17 states mostly on the east coast and down south. Before getting an account, you may have to take a simple test that covers the basics on responsible consumer banking.
  2. PNC Bank – This bank is located in nearly 20 states.
  3. Go Bank – Although not a traditional brick and mortar bank, this institution offers the same convenience of a regular bank. Just sign up online or at a local Walmart.