When Is a Good Time To Buy a New Car?

Looking to buy a new car, but not sure when the best time to actually buy one is? Well look no further! We’ve compiled some tips here to ensure you get the best price possible. Buying your new car at an appropriate time is essential to getting the best bang for your buck. In fact, it could save you thousands of dollars!

Here are a few quick tips to getting the right car for the right price:

  1. Negotiate deals during later hours- By the end of the business day, everyone’s just about ready to head home. However, a clever salesperson won’t let a sale slip by just because it’s the end of the day! Staying later to negotiate a deal may lead to a salesperson conceding to some of your demands in order help speed up the process. Remember, just because they’re a salesperson doesn’t mean they don’t have a life outside of work. They want to go home just like everyone else!
  2. Buy closer to the end of the month- Because dealerships often operate on a monthly cycle to measure sales, visiting a dealership near the end of the month can pose massive savings for new-car buyers. The salesperson you plan on purchasing your new car from may very well be under they’re expected sales goal for the month. Use this to help leverage a strong negotiation with the salesperson.
  3. Buy in Season- Another great time to purchase a new car is during the late summer or early fall. This is when the new-year models begin to roll into dealerships and full up they’re inventory. Buying an earlier model will grant massive savings when compared to buying the newest model available whose retail price is rigid and relatively non-negotiable as it is still in high demand.


Clearly, proper timing is everything when it comes to purchasing a new-car. Make sure you remember these three vital tips before you set foot into a car dealership and you’re bound to score some savings!