Are You Ready To Buy A Home? Start Here

Thinking of buying a home? There is so much inventory and now is a terrific time to buy, but where do you start? Here are tips for starting your search:

  1. Figure out what you need. Is it bedrooms? Is it location? Is it price? Is it the type of home? Make a list of what you’re looking for and stick to it. Figure out what is most essential in your home search and start there. Then…
  2. Figure out what you DON’T want. This seems counter-intuitive, but making sure you avoid the pitfalls of home-buying will sharpen your focus. Write these down as well.
  3. Find a realtor. A great realtor can make all the difference. Nobody knows the marketplace better. These helpful folks sit on PTA boards, understand who neighborhoods turn, and have their ear to the ground in the town, city, or countryside you’re looking for.
  4. Get Pre-qualified. It’s not necessarily easy to get pre-qualified these days so start early. Ask them what documents you need. Get those in order.
  5. Look for homes within your budget. Nothing is worse than falling for a home you cannot afford. Be stern with your broker. Set a budget. Follow your list.
  6. Love your new home.