Crucial Skills Every New Homeowner Should Have: Part 2

Becoming a new homeowner requires great responsibility. Whether it’s a new structure or older structure, sooner or later there are things you’re going to have to take care of. In part 1 of Crucial Skills Every New Homeowner Should Have, you were introduced to some handy skills. In part 2, we continue sharing other necessary skills every new owner should have.

1 – Know how to fix a running toilet – It’s important to know how to turn the water to your toilet off and how to fix simple leaks.

2 – Where the power controls or breaker box is in your home – If the power trips in a certain area of your home, you will want to know where the master controls are without having to pay an electrician.

3 – Wall studs – Wall studs are where the wood boards are behind your walls. If you’re hanging anything heavy, you want to hang it on the stud and not the drywall.