How LOW can they go? Plotting the 30-Year Fixed Mortgage rate since 1975

Call it Fixed-rate limbo! Mortgage rates on the traditional 30 year fixed are about as low as they’ve ever been!

We wanted to know how low so we looked!

In 1975 rates were as low as 8.82% in April, and as high as 9.43% in January.

In 1985 rates were as low as 12.19% in July versus 16.32% in April!

In 1995 rates were lowest in December of that year– 11.26%.

In 1995 they continued to fall from 9.15 in January to 7.20 in December.

In 2005 rates climbed steadily, but held around the 6.00% rate all year.

Now in 2015 we’ve seen rates as low as 3.67%!

Note: All percentages are averages.

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