Poof! Proof, YOU need a new roof!

A roof can be an expensive purchase, but if done correctly, it can save you money in the long run and, most importantly, keep your family safe.

Here are three great reasons to get a new roof over your head:

  1. Comply with current codes – This one is obvious, but you’d be surprised many roofs are not up to code. Getting one up to code can have a positive impact on insurance rates AND makes for a much safer living environment.
  2. Upgrade the underlayment – The goal here is moisture protection. Under the shingles you should upgrade to the a synthetic material. The peel-and-stick material will act as a moisture barrier and protect the wood under the shingles.
  3. Wind ratings – Make sure you choose a material with a wind rating above 100. In the 90s it was possible to get materials that only could withstand 65-mph winds. Now, with improved technology, roofs should be able to withstand winds of upwards of 135-mph. If you live in a windy area or land native to tornados, spending on this upgrade could literally be a life-saver.

In addition to these three great tips, make sure you check out Energy-Star rated shingles, designed to keep you and your family cool.