The Best Cities to Live On a Budget

Are you on a budget and looking for an affordable city to live in? Well then, this list was made just for you! Here’s a quick look at some of the most affordable cities to live in the U.S on a budget:

1. San Antonio, Texas– The great city of San Antonio offers its residencies the great perks of no income tax while also boasting 20% lower overall prices when compared to the national average.

2. Boise, Idaho– Although the housing prices of Boise have actually gone up in recent years, this city still offers some of the lowest priced houses available with a median price of just $100,000.

3. Fayetteville, Arkansas– This terrific city offers individuals on a budget an abundance of affordable housing options. With an average home price of only $162,000 it’s no wonder why this city is on this list!

4. Sarasota, Florida– Once being known as one of the pricier metropolitan areas of Florida to inhabit, Sarasota is now known for having some of the most affordable housing opportunities in Florida. The median home price in Sarasota has dropped a whopping 50% and now homes are starting at only $140,000!

5. Tucson, Arizona– The already affordable housing that Tucson offers has just got even cheaper! The real estate market for Tucson, Arizona has declined by nearly 88% over recent years leading to some of the most affordable housing prices available.