These 3 Things Control The Amount Of Car Insurance Premiums You Pay

In this society, people are judged by everything. Age, marital status – even zip code. The case is no different for car insurance premiums. A new study from shows several factors that influence the amount of insurance premiums you’ll pay. For one, ¬†single people actually shell out more on average annually for car insurance than their married counterparts. And if you’re a married person in your 30s, you may find that you pay more than a married person in their 20s. Gender plays a part as well. A single man in his 20s will pay more than a single woman in her 20s.

The good news is, your car insurance premium will likely decrease as you age – up until age 60 that is. At that point, it may start to increase again. Hawaii and California are the only two states that will not allow age to be a factor.