3 Tips For Job Searching On Indeed

Whether you’re looking for your first job or ninth, if you’ve searched online, you’ve run across Indeed.com. It’s a popular search engine that can bring you job opportunities in nearly any field for any skill. There are some ways to optimize your search for better results. Check out these 4 tips for finding the perfect job on Indeed.

1.- Use quotation marks when you search. This is actually a good tip for any search engine, including Google. But with indeed, if you are looking for a job as a technical writer, you would search for “technical writer”. When you do that, every job with that word in it will come up.

2. – Put the employer you’re looking for in quotation marks. If you’re looking to work at Tennessee Gas Company or New York Life, you’d put them in quotation marks – “Tennessee Gas Company” or “New York Life”.

3.- Use the advanced search tool for even more refined results. If you use the advanced search option, you can filter out what you’re searching for even more.

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