5 Graduate Degrees That Are Well Worth The Money

Getting a good education requires careful planning because the last thing anyone wants is to waste money on a degree they can’t really use. With graduate degrees averaging between $36,000 and $63,000 per year, its important that students are aware of what degrees will yield the best career options.

A good degree can be defined as one that places you on the career path of your dreams. It can also be defined as one that gives you the earning power you’ve always wanted. Below are 5 graduate degrees that will be a good investment based on long term career growth.

Master’s, Biostatistics – The average salary is $113,400 and people in this field are highly satisfied.

Master’s, Human Computer Interaction  – The average salary is $115,200 and the job satisfaction rate is 72%.

Master’s, Telecom Engineering – The average salary is $119,100 and the job satisfaction rate is 88%.

Master’s, Applied Math – Average salary for this position is $121,900.

Master’s, Statistics – Average salary for this position is $121,900 and satisfaction rate is 80%.