7 Reasons You Should Pursue A Career In Nursing

So you’re unsure what career path to take. You know you like helping people but just aren’t sure what you want to do? Well we’re here to tell you that a career in nursing may be the best choice. Below are 7 reasons you should pursue a career in nursing:

  1. The world needs more nurses! – The world’s population is growing and people are living longer. Advancements in medicine have increased the average life span and we need nurses to take care of the sick.
  2. Great compensation – The average nurse makes around $50,000 a year and nurses who specialize in a certain field can make even more.
  3. Workplace flexibility – As a nurse you can work in many different types of establishments such as hospitals, schools, home care, or even a private practice.
  4. Flexible schedule – You can choose what shifts you want to work, whether it be a 12 hour shift (less days a week) or a 4 hour shift (more days a week).
  5. You can travel – Many nurses are freelance so they have the ability to work a specific period of time at one hospital and be relocated to another city once their contract has expired.
  6. Job security – Demand for nurses will always be high, no matter what the economic situation is.
  7. It’s rewarding – You get to help other people and save lives everyday. What’s more rewarding than that?

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