How To Build A Great Resume

Looking for a job? Scrambling to create the perfect resume but just can’t seem to get it right? No worries we’ve got you covered! Here is some advice on how to properly structure your resume.

The first thing to start with is your personal information such as name, address, phone number and email address. You can have the most beautiful resume in the world but if there isn’t a name or contact information on it, how will the employer contact you? Make sure your name is very large and bold it to make it stand out. Below that you can add your address, phone number and email address (a professional one, not in normal sized text.

If you have professional experience after college make sure to start with that instead of listing your education first. You don’t want to look like you’re fresh meat to an employer who is looking to hire an experienced candidate. Next, write down a list of all your daily responsibilities in your current/former position. Once this has been completed be sure to check for redundancy and try to be as clear as possible when listing your responsibilities. Feel free to delete anything you think doesn’t sound correct or just doesn’t work on your resume. Remember, you don’t always have to use big fancy words, you just need to be clear and concise.

Once the main body of your resume has been completed it is good to finish off with any relevant skills or previous experience that may be useful in your prospective position. For example, created daily reports and analyzing them for performance at a shoe factory can be useful if you’re applying for a Data Analyst position at an advertising company. It all translates! Of course…don’t forget to list your education (college students with zero professional experience can list it at the top).

One last tip, remember to spell check everything and if possible have as many relevant people look it over before sending it in to the employer.

Good luck!