3 Great Paying Holiday Gigs That Don’t Require A Santa Suit

Who doesn’t want a little extra cash during the holiday season? Most people do, except they may not want to have to fight unruly customers or endure extreme weather conditions to get it. If this sounds like you, it doesn’t mean you should throw in the towel on the search all together. There are actually temp options you can try this holiday season that pay well. It just requires thinking outside the box.

  1. Apartment agent – During the holidays, apartment management may be ready for vacations leaving them in need of someone to cover them. You can try out for this job by putting in your application at apartment complexes. The pay is usually pretty good too around $14 per hour.
  2. Valet parking – High-end hotels and restaurants ramp up customer service during the holidays increasing the demand for valet attendants. Pay starts at $6 per hour for this gig plus tips.
  3. Hotel concierge – With pay averaging around $14 per hour, you can make some really good money working at high-end hotels and resorts during the winter holidays.
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