Avoid These 3 Clothing Items At Your Next Job Interview

Heading to a job interview soon? Sure you’ve got the skills and experience, but do you have the look? The way we work and get hired may have changed over the years, but there’s one thing that remains the same – 1st impression. If you want to make a good first impression at your next job interview, avoid these 3 clothing items.

#1 – Jeans: You’d think this was a given, but it’s not. All too often, people walk into a job interview with a pair of jeans on. It doesn’t matter how trendy the blazer is or what industry it’s in. Get the job first, and wear your jeans later.

#2 – Bohemian Fabrics: Stay away from vintage looks and aim for sharp.

#3 – Shoes You’ve Only Worn Once: If you don’t wear a pair of shoes often, stay out of them during your job interview. It’s hard to exude confidence when your feet hurt.

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