Low Credit Score? Here Are 3 Times When It May Be Wrong

A low credit score can put a lot of limitaitons on your life. Not only does it make it hard for you to get a loan, but its also labels you as irresponsible. Even though creditors report your history to credit bureaus, there are reasons why your score could be inaccurate.

Here are 3 reasons your credit score may be wrong:

1. Scam
There are some cases where your identity could be stolen and if it’s reported to the credit bureaus before you have a chance to catch it, it can be hard to fix.

2. Mixed Credit Files
Sometimes creditors may mix up your information with someone else’s, especially if the names are similar.  

3. Creditor Errors
This ties in with number two. Sometimes creditors make errors and they need to be corrected. Maybe they’ve gotten a name confused or forgot to input record of payment.