Make A Good Living With These Health Care Careers

If you’re looking for a stable industry that pays well, you’ll want to consider the health care industry. There are various careers under this field that you can go after that will pay you a comfortable salary. They include:

  • Paramedics – Those in this career field earn around $31,000 per year.
  • Dental assistants – Dental assistants make a fairly decent income. They earn about $37,000 per year and only an Associate’s degree is required.
  • Physical therapist assistants – PTA’s earn about $41, 000 per year and in many cases only need is an Associate’s degree and a state license
  • Surgical technologists – This specialized field brings in around  $43, 000 per year. You only need an Associate’s degree and certification.
  • Medical and clinical laboratory technicians – People who pursue this field earn around $49,000 per year.