4 Things You MUST Have In Your New Home

So you just bought that new light grey house on Cranston Street. A beautiful two-bedroom house, located in a great little neighborhood and in a great school district. Now what? Check out the list below for three things you need in your new home.

1. Tool kit – Remember that things break and leak. You’re going to need a tool kit in order to fix these issues. It would be nice if everything was as easy as changing a light bulb right?

2. Safety plan – Whether it be a fire, home invasion or even a flood, you need to have some plans in place in case “you know what” hits the fan.

3. Secret key – Sometimes you forget your keys, or just plain get locked out. Find a safe place to stash an extra key for these situations.

4. Emergency light source – Whether it be a flashlight, candle or even an old lantern, make sure you have a backup light source!