How To Dispute a Low Home Loan Appraisal

If you got your home appraised, but aren’t pleased with the value given, you don’t have to just roll over and accept it. First, check for every detail of the appraisal. This is to see how they determined the value given. If you do decide to challenge the appraisal, you will need proof that the appraiser made an error. You can contest errors like not noting the right number of bedrooms, or any other inaccurate data.

When you’re challenging your home appraisal, it’s important to contact your lender to request a value appeal. Before you do, be sure that what you’re contesting is accurate.

Once you’re sure, you have the green light to challenge it. No need to be shy about it. This is actually done quite often. Just be aware that it isn’t easy to get a lender to change their valuation, which is why you have to be certain that you’re accurate with your rebuttal. Make sure any claim you make is backed by evidence.