How To Handle Crappy Neighbors

When you live around neighbors, there’s a chance you may have a disagreement or annoyance about something. Loud music, barking dogs, unkept lawn and late night parties – are just some of the nuances that can put a neighbor on your bad radar. Before blowing your top and making the situation worse, here is some advice on how to deal with an annoying neighbor.

  • Figure Out What You Want First And Then Make It Equally Beneficial. Before you make a complaint to your neighbor, think carefully about what you want and then find a way to make it mutually beneficial for you both.
  • Don’t React In The Moment. It’s best to speak to your neighbor when you’re not upset. Wait a few hours or days before telling them the issue.
  • Leave Your Laundry List At Home. Don’t tell your neighbor everything under the sun that annoys you about them. Take a maximum of three complaints.
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