3 Promising Careers With A General Studies Bachelor’s Degree

Never found your “thing” in college? Surprisingly enough, there are quite a few careers you can have with a general studies Bachelor’s degree that are actually promising.

Careers in sales and marketing are high up on the list as well as  careers in management. Check out 3 careers in detail below:

Sales – A career in sales is pretty easy to launch with a general studies degree. Industries for employment include, but aren’t limited to, retail, wholesale and advertisement.

Management – Managers are always needed no matter what the industry is and you don’t need a specialized degree to work in this field.

Customer Service – Customer service reps are always in demand and just like with managers, you don’t need a special degree to be one. The pay usually ranges between $13 and $15 per hour.

Although there are plenty other careers out there that you can probably get with a general studies degree, these 3 top the list.