3 Most Expensive Cities For Auto Insurance Coverage

Your zip code could have a lot to do with how much you pay for auto insurance premiums. Even if you’re a great driver with no history of accidents, some cities just carry higher premiums. This could be due to factors such as no-fault insurance laws, traffic conditions and weather history. The following cities rank among the top 3 for most expensive auto insurance coverage:

  1. Philadelphia, PA: Annual premiums in Philadelphia average around $2,900 per year. High premiums can be attributed to it’s no-fault laws and horrible weather conditions.
  2. Miami, FL: Average annual premium is $3100 per year. High premiums here are due to congested roads, no fault coverage and risky weather conditions during hurricanes.
  3. Louisville, KY: Average premiums are around $3200 per year. The high premiums can be attributed to the high number of auto thefts in the state.