Millennials Want More Work Flexibility

As times change, so does the way we work. Instead of getting up early in the morning going through the hustle and bustle of getting to work, you can now easily just roll out of bed, grab a cup of coffee and sit at your computer to start work. This…

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Just How Common Is It To Work From Home?

If you’ve ever dreamed about working from home, it’s totally possible and actually a lot more common than you’d think. According to a Gallup poll at least 43% of Americans have spent some or all of their time working remotely from home in 2016. With the advancement of technology, working…

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Job Haven For College Grads In 2017

If you’re fresh out of college and looking for a job, there are some industries that are hot for hiring this year. In particular, roles that involve administrative services, such as employment services, business support services, etc. Another hot industry is the healthcare industry. They are looking for “fresh meat”…

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#1 Advice After You Get Fired

The #1 advice you should follow if you’ve ever been fired is to be prepared for your next job interview. Most importantly, plan out your answer to the question that’s bound to come up: “Why did you leave your last position?” Your response to that question will mean the difference…

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