3 Repairs That’ll Increase Your Chances Of Selling Your Home In The Spring

Spring is just a couple months away, which means this is the perfect time to prepare your home for the “big” sell. Sure, things were slow during the Fall and Winter seasons, but with Spring on the horizon, house hunters are gearing up for their next big purchase. Here are 3 repairs you should look into to improve your chances of selling your house.

  1. Repair seasonal damage – If your home has any issues during the winter months, this is the time to repair them. Missing shingles, poor drainage, faded gutters, and ripped window screens are all factors you want to look into and repair now if needed.
  2. Polish/ clean floors – Floors make a big impression on buyers. Use this time to deep-clean any carpet stains or wax wooden floors.
  3. Repair units – Take this time to repair major things such as heat and air as well as electrical and roofing.